Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Otaku Group?

Ever heard of a group of separatists? Or maybe an organization of individualists? Quite impossible right? The brand itself would sound very self contradicting, yet as UP students, an organization in UP Cebu made something out of the ordinary, their organization is made up of people who in the first look seems to be normal, but deep inside them, they are not, for they are “Otakus”. The organization I am meaning is the UP Nichibunken, how they started and what their aim is; they’re the only ones who know. It might be better to check them out and hang out with them, so that’s what I did.
Just like the UP Diliman nihilist circle, one of the most controversial organizations in the Diliman College, the founders of Nichibunken made an organization which is as controversial as the latter. For both of them were into Japanese culture and anime fandom, it came up to their minds to make a group consisting of people who are in the same ground as they are standing, students who can’t help themselves but like anything that came from Japan. That was why, on November 19, 2008, the concept of the proposed organization was laid down. The concepts and rules that the organization is made of was starting to emerge. The founders started gathering members. The people they picked are in to the mode of various levels of “Japanimania”.
But is their organization something useful? Or are they just as the same as the other orgs who come and end after a few semester? Well, even if they somehow claim themselves as otakus, they clearly believe that they are still useful citizens; irony to what otaku really means in japan, for the word means, nerd, isolationist and fandom centered. The negative connotation of the Japanese word is being neutralized by the activities of the group, for they not only are into anime, J Pop, and mangas, but they are also into cultural Japanese festivals and customs. Hence standing to what their full name which is; Zenkindai Tokindai Nihon Shakai ni Okeru Bunka no Kenkyuu Bu, which literally means Society for Japanese Classic and Modern Culture Studies. This means, by their very name, they are not only a bunch of Japanese product addicts, but also socially conscious on how the culture of Japan be of use to the society they are a part of.
Not all weird named organizations are nuisance, that is what people should learn. For even an organization like UP Nichibunken, proves to be useful in the society, maybe we should not judge these kind of groups, for it is not righteous to judge them by their skin, but critique them by their foot steps.

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Is there something strange going on around your room? Are you sure that you are alone when you’re eyes tell you that you are alone? I say, you could never be, because some things are happening behind your eyes. Spooks happen without you knowing it.I was only about three years in my boarding house. At the first time, the place seemed just as the same as any boarding house there is, and it felt as the same as the first boarding house I was in. It was just a plain, warm room. A room so hot in the evening before I sleep that it takes me hours to take a rest for the night. The room is not big, really is small, but it was cozy, after some time of living in it.But just when I thought everything is just normal, nature proved me wrong, because spooks own room was around a month after I transferred in. It was in the middle of the night when I fell asleep on the living room’s sofa, when suddenly, I felt as if there was a person who sat at the side of the cushioned bed I was lying on. Then, that experience did not end to that, it happened not only once that I felt having another person around the place when no one was really there, for there were moments that footsteps were heard in the middle of the night, but when you look at the place the sound comes from, nothing was there. According to my board mates, it was not only me who experienced it, so as they were, but they just don’t mind it. Mary Anne Magudayao, a board mate of mine shared the same experience when she confessed to me the things she feels around the house. She said, it was not only once that she felt someone looking at her during the times she is alone, it is as if someone is looking at her from the dark corners of the room at night. Also, she stated that there were times when someone knocks on her wall just behind where her head is positioned when she sleeps at night, but to her surprise, no one is there, she never hears a voice. But because she is the longest boarder there is in the house, living for around six years now, she is the one who tells us to just not mind the things that are happening, for she believes, as long as we do not do anything, there will be nothing to happen to us. I believed though, and so I was doing that until now.I know it is not easy to ignore it, because how could you ignore a shadow that passes in front of you, when you knew all along that you are definitely aware that it is only you inside the room? Or hear a scream in your mp3 player playing, but when you rewind it, you can’t hear it anymore? Or the fact that you would see a shadow of someone’s hand in the middle of the night as you go to pee, but when you look back no one is with you? Yes, I know it would be hard, but believe me; it would not be that tough. And once you would be used to these scary stuffs, you won’t find them scary anymore, but entertaining.

March in Fire

March is the Fire Prevention month...

But houses always falls to ashes this month...

One of the leading causes of that, is this...

BEWARE of Faulty Electrical wirings...

What kept me busy?

Software Installations
Makamisa Script
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Updating through TV
Laboratory Recording

All turns the pressure on...

Friday, February 12, 2010

don't you dare believe

Love, is there such a thing? Is love an object describable by science? Or is it just an emotion that's why it is considered non-scientific? What then is it really?

Who in the world never experienced love? Who in the world will never experience it? Perhaps no one, if you would agree with me. For love does not only appear in the presence of a person to whom you are romantically entangled with but it also comes in different circumstances.

An example is friendship, the so called ground base level of romance, a friend could be a person you trust the most or a person that could be considered your "shock absorber". For some, the usage of friend is someone to be the vanguard shield that leads them to salvation but leaving the person in a hell condition, such a sad situation though, but we know that this happens.

Selfishness is a form of love too. Perhaps you would affirmatively go with what I mean, right? Because you could not be selfish if you are not ultimately in love with yourself?

But friendship or selfishness that I'm to talk about here but the love all of us knows, romantic kind of love, that is.

Most of the people in the world have experienced the joy of the topic, but almost all who has loved has also experienced the pain of failure. It feels like being bankrupt after investing your all to a business you thought would give you more benefits in the end. Actually, I am not an exemption to that happening.

It all started way back in high school, I had this girl I have always wanted, she was an ordinary school girl with nothing very special connected to her, but I fell for her, I just wonder. Never sure why and what happened, I started courting her, and for the first and only time of my life, a girl put me down, she dumped me. It was a painful experience, but I never lost hope, so I continued my "pure" intentions towards her which finally led to a victorious YES from her. It felt like I was in cloud nine that time, a happiness which seemed not to be contained in my heart alone, but it was a mind game, never knowing my agony has just started after her promising answer.

We started going to college one day. I thought it would just be fine for both of us, but what I thought was the irony of what really happened. She started becoming cold towards me, she never texts me, and other things women do when they don't want you anymore. It was really frustrating, the times we spent together seemed to fade away as I look at her from a far being happy with her new friends, and leaving me wounded.

She tried a couple of times breaking up with me, but I never let her go, and fortunately, she never text back her answer. Until one Valentine's Day of the year 2008, everything ended to dust, she told me her feelings have changed and she wants me to get out of her life, those were the not worst word I have heard, but it felt the most painful of all.

For months, I didn't know what to do, I leaped from a girl's arm to another just to forget the tragedy I have experienced. It seemed to work though, but when I'm alone, I still felt empty.

Until, one day, a text message appeared. It said "Hi, kumusta na ka?" ( Hi, how are you? ), it was from her, from the girl who caused me everything.

After that, we became friends again. I have proven myself that I was not angry or vengeful towards her that was why, I asked her to ones again give it another blow. And fortunately, she gave me a smile of hope. And maybe you know what happened next.

It was a hell of a roller coaster ride, but it was a fun and exciting ride. And so I would say those were the things LOVE has given me. This is the reason why, the next time, I will dare not believe that love gives joy, for next time, I will take it not by BELIEVING, but by FAITH.

Right, Neiza?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

study like crazy

Until when does a person want to study? Up to what extent does a person have to stay in school? Doesn't it bore them? I mean having experienced leaving more than half of my life in school already bores me, how much more are those people who have stayed almost all their life in the institution?

Well, i can't blame anybody for that, if it is what they like, i'll let them be. Just spare me from that prolonged agony in trying to live my life.

Actually, i just know some one who seemed to never want to leave school. She's not that old though, 0nly about my age, but she does not seem to get bored going to school. i'll tell you her story.

Her name is Mary Ann Tolabing, i knew her by about 4 years already. By that time she was a senior i was still a year from college. We had some good time together though, romantically speaking, but that's another story.

Anyway, it was a warm dusky background when we had the freedom to speak our minds that time, and we came upon what she always wanted to talk about, "school". She told me that time she would never settle unless she becomes a lawyer. Well, given the benefit of the doubt, i believed her, then she started talking about taking up medicine, then joining the armed forces, then i said, "what the hell are you talking about?", surely was hilarious, and eventually, i forgot about it after the years has passed.

We met just recently, there was nothing special about that meeting, until we talked about how life has been. I heard she was a licensed midwife already, it made me remember about how she wanted to take up a medical course. Then she told me how she trained for the armed forces, though she failed, i was surprised, i even asked her, "is time too long, that you have done those for just a span of a few years?", she just laughed. Now i am starting to believe that she does not want to leave studying, because now, believe it or not, she's taking up Mass Communication. She told me that she's taking up the course because it would be her base course to be able to take up law. God, she seemed never to rest.

After we met, i asked myself, should i be contented after i finish this course I'm in? Well, maybe not or maybe yes, I'm a different person after all.