Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Is there something strange going on around your room? Are you sure that you are alone when you’re eyes tell you that you are alone? I say, you could never be, because some things are happening behind your eyes. Spooks happen without you knowing it.I was only about three years in my boarding house. At the first time, the place seemed just as the same as any boarding house there is, and it felt as the same as the first boarding house I was in. It was just a plain, warm room. A room so hot in the evening before I sleep that it takes me hours to take a rest for the night. The room is not big, really is small, but it was cozy, after some time of living in it.But just when I thought everything is just normal, nature proved me wrong, because spooks own room was around a month after I transferred in. It was in the middle of the night when I fell asleep on the living room’s sofa, when suddenly, I felt as if there was a person who sat at the side of the cushioned bed I was lying on. Then, that experience did not end to that, it happened not only once that I felt having another person around the place when no one was really there, for there were moments that footsteps were heard in the middle of the night, but when you look at the place the sound comes from, nothing was there. According to my board mates, it was not only me who experienced it, so as they were, but they just don’t mind it. Mary Anne Magudayao, a board mate of mine shared the same experience when she confessed to me the things she feels around the house. She said, it was not only once that she felt someone looking at her during the times she is alone, it is as if someone is looking at her from the dark corners of the room at night. Also, she stated that there were times when someone knocks on her wall just behind where her head is positioned when she sleeps at night, but to her surprise, no one is there, she never hears a voice. But because she is the longest boarder there is in the house, living for around six years now, she is the one who tells us to just not mind the things that are happening, for she believes, as long as we do not do anything, there will be nothing to happen to us. I believed though, and so I was doing that until now.I know it is not easy to ignore it, because how could you ignore a shadow that passes in front of you, when you knew all along that you are definitely aware that it is only you inside the room? Or hear a scream in your mp3 player playing, but when you rewind it, you can’t hear it anymore? Or the fact that you would see a shadow of someone’s hand in the middle of the night as you go to pee, but when you look back no one is with you? Yes, I know it would be hard, but believe me; it would not be that tough. And once you would be used to these scary stuffs, you won’t find them scary anymore, but entertaining.

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