Wednesday, February 10, 2010

study like crazy

Until when does a person want to study? Up to what extent does a person have to stay in school? Doesn't it bore them? I mean having experienced leaving more than half of my life in school already bores me, how much more are those people who have stayed almost all their life in the institution?

Well, i can't blame anybody for that, if it is what they like, i'll let them be. Just spare me from that prolonged agony in trying to live my life.

Actually, i just know some one who seemed to never want to leave school. She's not that old though, 0nly about my age, but she does not seem to get bored going to school. i'll tell you her story.

Her name is Mary Ann Tolabing, i knew her by about 4 years already. By that time she was a senior i was still a year from college. We had some good time together though, romantically speaking, but that's another story.

Anyway, it was a warm dusky background when we had the freedom to speak our minds that time, and we came upon what she always wanted to talk about, "school". She told me that time she would never settle unless she becomes a lawyer. Well, given the benefit of the doubt, i believed her, then she started talking about taking up medicine, then joining the armed forces, then i said, "what the hell are you talking about?", surely was hilarious, and eventually, i forgot about it after the years has passed.

We met just recently, there was nothing special about that meeting, until we talked about how life has been. I heard she was a licensed midwife already, it made me remember about how she wanted to take up a medical course. Then she told me how she trained for the armed forces, though she failed, i was surprised, i even asked her, "is time too long, that you have done those for just a span of a few years?", she just laughed. Now i am starting to believe that she does not want to leave studying, because now, believe it or not, she's taking up Mass Communication. She told me that she's taking up the course because it would be her base course to be able to take up law. God, she seemed never to rest.

After we met, i asked myself, should i be contented after i finish this course I'm in? Well, maybe not or maybe yes, I'm a different person after all.


  1. This is something everyone needs: an encouragement esp talking about SCHOOL. With the many out-of-school youths, people are very much discouraged about studying... somehow. I know people, a lot of them, who do not want to study anymore and it's just sad. Maybe a deeper input on Mary Ann's life and studies, how motivated she is, a little background on why she wants to study THAT hard (lol). Then it would be a good entry. Something that can let people realize caring for their future!

    Thanks :)

    Maryanne Benedicto

  2. HAHAHA!!! Jhadz, after college you still have to study--a lot! Education is a lifelong process. Only until you're six feet below the ground that you will stop learning...Studying may not only be in that four corners of the school but also in work, household, and the rest of life...exams may not be the same but I bet you, taking a test in school is better because you'll know the definite answer after unlike in the real world...

    --I am looking forward for more interesting insight from you about school and hobbies!


    *note: your layout is too dark and hard for me to read might want to change it ^_^

  3. Hi, Jahdz

    If there's one thing I like about Journ 121, it's that I've finally read your pieces and that of John.

    Both of you write well, write from the gut. It leaves me to wonder why you don't write more often.

    I admire you for these posts--candid, open, unsparing. Your voice draws the reader because it is truly your own.

    Even though your posts are longer than the usual ones posted online, I read them till the end because of what you share. It is unbeatable to find your photos and have them reveal a lot more about your subjects.

    Keep on writing. I don't mean only for class but to express your views, to capture your moments, and to leave something more for your readers. Cheers!